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Louisiana HBPA case of fraud, conspiracy divides horsemen

  If Hamlet were recast in modern America, is there any doubt where it would be set? Over the last six years in Louisiana, a Shakespearean performance full of intrigue, betrayal, greed, and family rivalries has played out within the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association (HBPA), the non-profit group recognized by law as the voice of the more than 5,000 …

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Nicklaus: Marcone Supply suit alleges corporate espionage

When Marcone Supply bought a competitor last year, it looked like the sort of low-risk deal that happens all the time in unglamorous industries like appliance parts. Marcone, a 79-year-old parts distributor in Creve Coeur, was already No. 1 in its industry. Several previous acquisitions had extended its geographic reach, and buying Buffalo-based AP Wagner would solidify its position in …

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Man Utd sues supporter over corporate client ‘data theft’

Manchester United is suing a supporter who published a list of its corporate supporters on its website last year, a move the football club alleges led to incidents of harassment. Thomas McKenna, 44, allegedly published the list of the club’s corporate clients on United Supporters for Change, a group that campaigns against the debt burden placed on the club following …

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Security zones in big cities need balance in design

On Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers strong-armed their way into four airline cockpits, taking control of the planes and crashing two into the World Trade Center, killing nearly 3,000 people. The reaction was swift, with the U.S. soon fighting a war in Afghanistan while waging covert operations against terrorism suspects worldwide. Yet there was another impact of Sept. 11: the fencing-off …

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Big Data to Drive a Surveillance Society

NEW YORK — As real-time and batch analytics evolve using big data processing engines such as Hadoop, corporations will be able to track our activities, habits and locations with greater precision than ever thought. “It will change our existing notions of privacy. A surveillance society is not only inevitable, it’s worse. It’s irresistible,” said Jeff Jonas, a distinguished engineer with …

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Why so much corruption? Many state lawmakers seek office for the right reasons, but stay for the wrong ones

By Michael Gormly AP Capitol Editor ALBANY — When New York Democratic Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada went to his Bronx health care clinic during an FBI raid last year, he rolled up in a Bentley luxury car. Republican Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, the year before, awaited sentencing in his federal corruption case at his luxurious upstate home on …

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Cisco Unveils Secure Teleworker Products

Cisco today unveiled a home office wireless LAN access point (AP) along with other wireless gear aimed at helping corporations securely connect teleworkers to corporate networks. Sylvia Hooks, senior manager of mobility marketing, called the new $419 AP offering unique in that it runs over two bands instead of one. Using two bands, a teleworker’s data can travel uninterrupted over …

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Hundreds to be briefed on hacked security firm’s technology

RSA SecurID tokens. Photo: Flickr/Bruno Cordioli About 100 federal government and corporate clients of an Australian security firm will today be briefed via teleconference on the extent of hundreds of thousands of cryptographic tokens being vulnerable to a potential hack attack after a supplier revealed secret data it held had been stolen. Customers of RSA, a security division of the …

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Mobile cloud security now available to corporate users

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, 23 MARCH 2011 — With more enterprise users accessing their e-mail and other office applications on the go, a cloud-based security provider is offering them some peace of mind. Proofpoint is offering the Proofpoint Mobile family of applications for e-mail security, compliance and archiving solutions for popular mobile devices, such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows …

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Corporate Web sites to ‘outlive Facebook’

Companies turning to Facebook for consumer interactions and commercial transactions will not spell the end of corporate Web sites, say industry watchers. Rather, organizations face security and loss of identity risks if they yield their unique digital outposts to the social media site, they cautioned. One observer Mark Evans, communications director at social media analytics firm Sysomos, said that companies …

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