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Allegations of a kickback scheme in Aquidneck Islands defense industry reverberate from Middletown to Washington

WASHINGTON — Charges of a $10-million kickback scheme inside the Navy’s premier submarine research plant have sent shockwaves from the tightly knit defense community on Aquidneck Island to Rhode Island’s congressional delegation on Capitol Hill, and beyond. So far, the allegations involve only two men: Ralph M. Mariano, a senior program officer at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and Anjan …

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Corruption rears head in NZ business

ROB O’NEILL – Sunday Star Times In December 2006 in the High Court at Auckland, Colenso ad-man Adrian Hood stood before Justice Geoffrey Venning to be sentenced to two years in prison. He had earlier been found guilty on 45 counts of “making a gift to an agent without the consent of the agent’s principal”. Bribery, in other words. Justice …

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The End of Corruption?

n a memorable scene from the Hollywood thriller Syriana, an American oil executive is outraged at being indicted for paying for the private school tuition for the son of a Kazakh government official in exchange for a lucrative energy contract. Flailing his arms and stomping his feet, he whines incredulously, “Corruption is what keeps us warm at night! Corruption is …

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Forensic audits reveal how medical aid giant was looted

South Africa’s second-largest medical scheme was treated as a private cash cow by its principal officer, court papers and forensic audits in the possession of the Mail Guardian suggest. Three separate forensic investigations outline evidence of millions of rands lost by the scheme as a result of multiple abuses by Bafana Nkosi, who managed its affairs. They include: A Bonitas-funded …

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Did Police Ignore Evidence in Britain’s Phone-Hacking Scandal?

The U.K.’s leading Sunday tabloid, Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World, may be at the center of the phone-hacking affair that has gripped Britain, seen a reporter and a private investigator jailed, brought down the Prime Minister’s spin doctor and on Wednesday sparked a second police investigation. But the scandal is now threatening to spill over the paper’s borders and …

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The world was a different place in 1976 when Carl Jensen, a professor of communications at Sonoma State University, founded Project Censored to highlight important national news stories that were underreported or outright ignored by the mainstream press. Back then, there were few good alternatives to television networks or major newspapers and magazines, and stories omitted from those channels usually …

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Issa, Senior Republican, Asks Businesses Which Rules They Dislike

Last month a senior House Republican, Representative Darrell Issa of California, nevertheless dispatched letters to 150 companies, trade groups and research organizations asking them to identify federal regulations that are restraining economic recovery and job growth. Mr. Issa, incoming chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said the concerns of businesses had been ignored by the Obama administration …

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Robin Sax: New law jails paparazzi

By Robin Sax and Carmela Kelly The paparazzi have officially gone overboard. They are overzealous, over the top and will go to any lengths for a photo, story, blurb, shot. Yes, our society is obsessed with celebrity gossip and pop-culture; but there is a limit. Endangering the celebrities themselves or the people around them (let alone the rest of the …

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Longtime investigator remembered as a man of integrity

ROTHESAY – Ken Taylor always stood up to a challenge, whether it was uncovering an insurance scam, a criminal investigation or battling his own cardiac condition. But for the retired RCMP sergeant and private investigator, the only thing that came before his work was his family, said his longtime friend and colleague, Greg Cohoon. “Without a doubt, he was probably …

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Computer Forensics Software analyzes P2P file sharing activity.

ITHACA, N.Y. — ATC-NY has just released Version 3.1.0 of P2P Marshal(TM). P2P Marshal is a computer forensics tool which automatically detects, extracts and analyzes P2P evidence on hard drives. A typical data acquisition and analysis taking hours by hand runs in a few minutes with P2P Marshal. The tool comes in two editions: — P2P Marshal Forensic Edition(TM) – …

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