Strategic Security Consulting

International Operations Group’s consulting division offers strategic and operational security advice to major corporations and executives on managing and mitigating non-financial risks to their operations, across a multitude of environments.

Our philosophy is one of partnership, whereby forming trusted relationships with our clients is considered imperative, in order to thoroughly understand their objectives, needs and operational requirements.

We work with our clients to assist them understand their risks, establish priorities to mitigate those risks and formulate strategies to implement our recommendations in an effective and financially viable manner.

To fulfil this process, we provide consultation and support via the following functions:

  • Security reviews
  • Security risk assessments
  • Security management
  • Electronic security system design
  • Security project management; and
  • Advance security planning

We are also able to provide additional, tailored security consulting and support, upon request.

Please contact us for additional information or support.

Security, crisis and risk management consultants - Ph. (02) 8003-3933

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