Physical Surveillance Detection

Effective surveillance detection programs can assist to detect and deter acts of espionage, extortion, terrorism, blackmail, kidnap, stalking and a variety of other serious crimes.

International Operations Group offers an enhanced range of surveillance detection capabilities, including the detection of electronic surveillance via technical surveillance countermeasures and the detection of physical surveillance via the use of highly-skilled surveillance detection operatives.

Physical Surveillance Detection | Anti-Stalking

Our surveillance detection operatives provide anti-stalking advice (stalking is otherwise known as erotomania) and assistance to detect covert attempts to monitor corporate, executive or family activities. Our teams are experienced in surveillance detection both physically and electronically and use up-to-date technology, equipment and processes to ascertain whether an organisation or individual is the target of surveillance for illicit purposes.

Foreign governments and embassies employ these same-styled services across the globe, as a part of their enterprise-wide security-monitoring program. Often referred to as ‘anti-surveillance’, International Operations Group is able to offer training to organisations, wishing to advise staff of measures that can be undertaken to reduce the likelihood of them becoming the target of physcial surveillance.

We have extensive experience providing these services to media corporations as well as global organisations and their executives under scrutiny. We also service celebrities and high-profile individuals and their families, who are often the target of stalkers, paparazzi or unstable fanatics.

For information on our electronic surveillance detection (TSCM) capabilities, please look at the following link – Electronic Surveillance Detection.

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